RDIF brings together the best Russian and international technologies in the fight against COVID-19

In record time, RDIF has become the leader in key areas of the fight against coronavirus:

  • Diagnostics: one of the most accurate rapid mobile test systems in the EMG world
  • Treatment: Russia's first registered COVID-19 drug Avifavir
  • Vaccines: the world's first registered vaccine Sputnik V and a single-component vaccine Sputnik Light
Sputnik V: the world's first registered vaccine against COVID-19

Sputnik V, a vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the Gamaleya Research Centre, became the world’s first registered vaccine against COVID-19. The Sputnik V vaccine is based on a safe and well-studied human adenovirus vector platform.

Guided by the orders of the Russian President, the RDIF team has worked to organise the production of Sputnik V and promote it in foreign markets.

To date, Sputnik V has been approved for use in more than 70 countries with a combined population of over 4 billion, making up more than 50% of the world population. Over 100 countries have approved entry for individuals vaccinated with Sputnik V.

According to Phase III clinical trials, Sputnik V’s efficacy is 91.6%; these data were published in The Lancet, one of the oldest and most respected medical journals around the world. Based on data on 3.8 million vaccinated Russians, the efficacy of Sputnik V was 97.6%.

Sputnik V has demonstrated high efficacy in vaccination campaigns in a number of countries as evidenced by real life data and over 30 scientific studies from 10 countries including Hungary, San Marino, Argentina, Serbia, Bahrain, Mexico, the UAE, among others.

Sputnik V shows high efficacy long after vaccination. Based on vaccination data on the San Marino population, its efficacy was 80% 6-8 months after administration of the second component, which is much higher than the officially published efficacy data for mRNA vaccines, particularly 29% for Pfizer in Sweden after 6 months.

A unique independent direct comparison study of 5 vaccines conducted in the EU (in Hungary) involving 3.7 million people found that Sputnik V provided the best protection against lethal outcome from coronavirus at 97.5% and 85.7% efficacy against infection.

Under the vaccination programme in Mexico, Sputnik V demonstrated the highest safety rate with the lowest rate of serious adverse events among all available vaccines.

Sputnik V showed high efficacy against the Delta strain: 83.1% against infection and 94.4% against hospitalisation.

The Gamaleya Center’s recent preliminary laboratory study shows that Sputnik V demonstrates high virus neutralizing activity (VNA) against the Omicron variant and is expected to provide strong defense against severe disease and hospitalization.

Sputnik V has demonstrated 3-7x less of a reduction in virus neutralizing activity against Omicron as compared to data from other leading vaccine producers.

Sputnik Light: a single-component stand-alone vaccine against COVID-19 and a perfect booster

Sputnik Light is a single-component vaccine against COVID-19 with an efficacy against infection of over 80% (higher than most foreign 2-dose vaccines).

The efficacy against the Delta strain is 70% (and over 75% in the under-60 age group).

The efficacy and safety of Sputnik Light as a stand-alone vaccine has been proven in clinical trials and backed up by real world data and scientific studies in Argentina, Paraguay, Libya and other countries.

A recent study in Argentina showed that Sputnik Light provides long-lasting protection that does not wane for at least 4 months after vaccination.

Sputnik Light as a booster significantly increases virus neutralizing activity against Omicron. 100% of individuals revaccinated with Sputnik Light as a booster developed neutralizing antibodies against Omicron.

Sputnik Light is also the leading booster vaccine for individuals who have previously contracted COVID-19 and is perfect for revaccination after other vaccines. The safety and efficacy of the Sputnik Light vaccine in combination with other vaccines has been confirmed in joint international clinical trials. Sputnik Light is an ideal booster for Sinopharm, AstraZeneca and other vaccines, inducing a stronger immune response than that from the second shot of the same vaccine.

Sputnik Light has already been registered in over 20 countries worldwide.

The roll-out of mass production of Sputnik V and Sputnik Light was completed in October 2021, ensuring a stable supply of large volumes from 25 production sites in 15 countries, including Russia, India, South Korea and many others.

Avifavir: Russia's first drug for treating COVID-19

The production of Avifavir, Russia’s first registered drug against COVID-19, having proved its efficacy in clinical trials and practical application, has been launched jointly with ChemRar Group.

Avifavir is the world's first drug based on the active substance Favipiravir approved for treating coronavirus patients. The drug blocks coronavirus multiplication mechanisms, alleviates symptoms and halves the disease term compared to standard therapy.

The Russian Ministry of Health included Avifavir in the list of guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the novel coronavirus infection.

Avifavir has been supplied to 74 regions in Russia and 17 countries worldwide. Production of over 600,000 packs of the drug per month has been launched at 3 sites in Russia.

Avifavir medicinal products actively fights SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus including its Delta and Omicron variants targeting highly genetically conserved RNA virus replication systems (RdRp).

EMG: one of the world's fastest and most accurate systems for diagnosing COVID-19

The line of test systems was adapted to both in-house laboratories and unique portable minilabs (2 small suitcases) and is ready for use both in hospitals and any public spaces (including schools, offices, airports and railway stations).

The diagnostic system has proven its worth in Russia and worldwide:

  • Leading Russian companies use EMG test systems to ensure industrial safety.
  • Over 17 million tests have been delivered to international markets.
RDIF announces RDIF. Healthcare

RDIF. Healthcare – an investment channel with a strategic focus on the implementation of projects in the healthcare sector. RDIF has been actively involved in fighting COVID-19 through working on healthcare projects.

Before the pandemic, a number of healthcare projects have been launched as part of the fund’s investment strategy aimed at improving general quality of life. Further development of healthcare investment is the next stage in the process.